Tacloban Beaches

There is nothing like hitting the beach during those summer days when the Sun feels so stifling in the city. From Tacloban, it is only a short ride away from some of the Philippines most relaxing and beautiful beaches.

Red Beach

6 miles (10 km) from Tacloban City is Red Beach, in Barangays Candahug and Baras. It is not just a place to relax in, but also one of great historical significance.

Red Beach is where, in 1944, General Douglas MacArthur made his triumphant return. While it is a spot that is visited by a lot of historians, it is also becoming very popular among beach lovers. Anytime you go there, you will see lots of people, not just frolicking in the waters, but also engaged in other activities like windsurfing and even sporting events, as there are several facilities in the area.

Blue Beach

Another renowned beach near Tacloban City is Blue Beach, which is located in Dulag.

Within Blue Beach are several areas that are known as Yellow, Orange and Violet beaches. The assignment of names to the beaches was done by the Aliied Forces to mark the spots where they would make their landing. Today, these beaches, with their pure sands and crystalline waters, have become major tourist attractions.


Digyo is one fourth of the islands that constitute the Cutaros Islas (for islands), well known for being one of the best diving / beach sites in Tacloban and Leyte.

Going deep sea diving or snorkeling will reveal plenty of different types of corals, but even if you just stick to the shores, there is still plenty to see. Strolling on the sandy beach, you will often witness lots of fellow tourists in the waters. Those who prefer more quiet periods will relish strolling Digyo beach at night.

White Beach

Of the color coded beaches in Tacloban, the most well known is probably White Beach, and at 5 miles (8 km) the one nearest to the city.

Its proximity to Tacloban have led to the development of numerous resorts and hotels in the area, and also plenty of other facilities and beach houses, both public and private. The ever burgeoning tourism industry however, has not spoiled White Beach at all, and still maintains its serene atmosphere and tranquil waters.

Amihan Woodlands

The Amihan Woodlands in San Isidro is a sanctuary that offers nature lovers everything that they can hope for and more.

The land itself is home to some of mother natures most fascinating creations including coconut trees, acacia, and all sorts of mangroves. It is also a good place to go scuba diving. For those who love beaches, the coastline of the Amihan Woodlands definitely not disappoint, as it is one of the cleanest and most well preserved in Leyte.


Not far from Mahaba Beach is Apid, another one of the islands that make up Cuatros Islas.

Although it is mostly mentioned in the same breath as other dive sites in Tacloban, Apid, with its beautiful and unspoiled coastal shore, is one of the most ideal places to go swimming.

The cool wind emanating from the sea allows one to just relax on the sand. Another attraction is that unlike some of the other beaches near Tacloban, this is less populated, suitable for those that prefer a little quiet in contrast to the party atmosphere in other beaches.

Beach hopping is one of the activities that tourists in Tacloban City should avail of. There are not only several of them, but modern transport has made it easier than ever to visit one beach and another, giving you the opportunity to savor and experience, not just some of the Philippines finest, but also the worlds.



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