Tacloban Education

The education sector in Tacloban Leyte is indicative of just how much progress the city has made in the last several decades. Altogether the level of the universities and colleges in the city can be compared with those in any other school in the National Capital Region in the Philippines.

JE Mondejar Computer College

The JE Computer College is one of the cornerstones of Tacloban education, offering a wide array of courses and degrees for aspiring students.

As a computer school, JMCC offers several courses, including Computer Hardware Technology, PC Operation, Computer Science, Information Management, Computer Secretarial, Computer Technology and many more related degrees. However it also offers other academic units including Hotel and Restaurant Management, Master of Arts in Nursing, Culinary Arts, Caregiver, and Homecare.

The college also holds several extra curricular activities for its students to participate in, including the Tacloban City Fiesta on June 30, National Heroes Day on August 27, Foundation Day on November 20 and many more.

St. Scholasticas College

One of the oldest and most prestigious schools in the Philippines, St. Scholasticas College has been serving the educational needs of the people of Tacloban City for over a century.

St. Scholasticas was founded in 1906 in Tondo by five German nuns, In the beginning there were only about fifty students, During the early years the school moved from place to place before World War II erupted and destroyed most of the buildings that had been established. The year after the war reconstruction began,

Today the college has branches all over the Philippines, including Tacloban. An important part of its mission include the numerous programs aimed at helping the less fortunate get decent education. These outreach programs and services are not just exclusive to Tacloban but also part of the objectives of its other schools. One of the offshoots of these programs is the Institute of Womens Studies, which now has several branches all over the Philippines.

Among the varied academic degrees on tap are Arts and Sciences, Commerce, Accountancy and other courses related to business management, computer studies and more. One of the most distinguished courses it offers is music, which had been part of its academic degrees since the beginning.

University of the Philippines, Visayas

One of the most popular universities in Tacloban Leyte, the University of the Philippines, Visayas is renowned for its large array of academic degrees.

The number of courses offered by the UPV Tacloban are among the most extensive in the region. There are BS degrees in Aquaculture, Fisheries, Oceanology, and Masters in Marine Affairs, Biological Sciences, Public Health; there are also Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, History, Economics and Political Science. There are also courses on Chemistry, Education, Accountancy, Fine Arts, Tax Management among many others.

Since its inception in 1973, the UPV Tacloban has been at the forefront of education and schooling in Leyte. The high standard of this university has been acknowledged several times before, having been recognized and awarded by the Philippine Commission on Higher Education (CHED) for its outstanding courses and degrees.

Divine Word University of Tacloban

Formerly called the Tacloban Catholic Institute, the Divine Word University of Tacloban has been serving the requirements of students since the early 1940s.

From the 1940s to the 60s the University became one of the most popular in Leyte, with branches appearing in various areas. Today, the university has several facilities designed to meet the demand of students including Education, Health, Theology, Business and Theology.

The state of education in Tacloban and the other cities in Leyte have improved greatly, and have been able to adopt to the ever changing needs of students. With the continued support of the local government, this trend will only continue.



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