Tacloban Hotels & Resorts

Found within the popular province of Leyte in the Philippines, Tacloban is a port city that serves a very huge role in the development of tourism in the entire province. It plays host to some of the finest hotels and resorts in the country today, each of which contributes greatly to the booming tourism industry within the area. These topnotch hospitality service providers offer local and foreign tourists some of the best amenities, outstanding services, and excellent accommodations unlike no other.

The Leyte Park Resort Hotel

Located along Magsaysay Boulevard, the Leyte Park Resort Hotel is one of Tacloban City’s prides in terms of world-class hotel accommodations, facilities, and services. Almost every year, numerous guests and visitors book at this prestigious resort hotel to experience state-of-the-art amenities such as a modern business center, an extensive gift shop, and a nice fitness center. In terms of food, people can try any of the great-tasting delicacies offered by several food service providers in the area including Park Café, San Pedro Bay Seafood Restaurant, and Veranda Café. Basic room types include Standard Rooms, Cottages, and Apartelles, all of which cost somewhere in between 1,657.60 pesos to 2,576 pesos.

Hotel Alejandro

Hotel Alejandro is one of the finest hospitality service providers in Tacloban City, which is exactly situated along P. Paterno Street. Inside this elegant and luxurious hotel, people can enjoy endless possibilities and excitement, thanks to its wonderful amenities like a beautiful photo exhibit, Café Teresa, Liberation Room, Roof Deck, and Commonwealth Hall. In terms of room categories, tourists and guests can check out any of the beautiful Bridal Suites, elegant Executive Rooms, and convenient Deluxe Rooms, which range from 1,450 pesos to 1,550 pesos. Cheaper rooms are also available such as Standard Double Rooms and Superior Double Rooms, which cost somewhere in between 998 pesos to 1,297 pesos.

Asia Stars Hotel

Found along P. Zamora Street in Tacloban City, Asia Stars Hotel is a nice, convenient, and comfortable location that guarantees its guests with utmost care, convenience, and security. Inside this excellent place, visitors can choose any of the Standard Rooms, Junior Suites, and Executive Suites. In terms of prices, basic room rates usually range from as little as 1,008 pesos to as high as 1,792 pesos. Every room is equipped with the best amenities available such as hot and cold shower fixtures, NDD/IDD telephone lines, and cable television sets.

Manhattan Inn

Located along Rizal Avenue in Tacloban City, Manhattan Inn offers 50 beautiful, elegant, and comfortable guestrooms. Inside this prime hotel, people can find highly affordable and truly inexpensive room rates such as Single Rooms for only 625 pesos, Double Rooms for as much as 875 pesos, and Executive Rooms for as low as 1,062 pesos only. Most of the units are equipped with the finest hotel amenities like in-room telephone lines, cable television sets, and air-condition systems.

Hotel D’Angelo

Situated along the corners of Rizal Avenue and Burgos, Hotel D’Angelo is a first-rate hotel facility in Tacloban City, which is famous for its inexpensive rates, outstanding amenities, and highly efficient services. The different room types include Single and Double standard rooms, which cost from 750 pesos to 1,125 pesos. On the other hand, Junior Executive rooms are available for only 1,375 pesos, while Senior Executive rooms cost somewhere around 1,625 pesos to 1,875 pesos. Basic in-room amenities include wonderful features such as telephone lines, hot and cold shower fixtures, and cable television units.

MacArthur Park Beach Resort

Found at the Waterfront Beach just a few minutes away from Tacloban City proper, MacArthur Park Beach Resort is indubitably one of the top hospitality service providers in the area. This hotel and beach resort offers excellent rooms at very reasonable prices including Standard Rooms for only 1,500 pesos, Deluxe Rooms for 1,800 pesos, and Suites for 3,300 pesos only. All of its rooms are equipped with basic features like private bath and toilet, telephone lines, and cable television sets. Additionally, it has spacious function halls and a nice cozy restaurant called Beach Head Café Bar.



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